3. Create the network graph

After defining all our hyperparameters we can now create our network

3.1. Placeholders for the inputs (x) and corresponding labels (y)

Placeholder is an object whose value can be specified only later. To specify values for a placeholder, we need to pass in values by using a "feed dictionary"

In [12]:
# data format is as usual:
# X_train and X_train have shape (num_instances, dimension_of_features)
# Y_train and Y_test have shape (num_instances, dimension_of_classes)

dimension_of_features = X_train.shape[1]
dimension_of_classes = y_train.shape[1]

print("Dimension of our features : ",dimension_of_features)
print("Dimension of our class : ",dimension_of_classes)
Dimension of our features :  2
Dimension of our class :  1