In [24]:
def draw_boxes(filename, v_boxes, v_labels, v_scores):
    # load the image
    data = plt.imread(filename)
    # plot the image
    # get the context for drawing boxes
    ax = plt.gca()
    # plot each box
    for i in range(len(v_boxes)):
        box = v_boxes[i]
        # get coordinates
        y1, x1, y2, x2 = box.ymin, box.xmin, box.ymax, box.xmax
        # calculate width and height of the box
        width, height = x2 - x1, y2 - y1
        # create the shape
        rect = Rectangle((x1, y1), width, height, fill=False, color='red')
        # draw the box
        # draw text and score in top left corner
        label = "%s (%.3f)" % (v_labels[i], v_scores[i])
        plt.text(x1, y1, label, color='white')
    # show the plot